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Thai Food & Cooking

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This title offers a fiery and exotic cuisine: the traditions, techniques, ingredients and recipes. It is a complete guide to one of the world's most popular cuisines: the ingredients, the techniques and the recipes, shown in over 700 specially-commissioned colour photographs. Explore the traditions and history of this fascinating country and discover how the cuisine has evolved over the years. It is a fully illustrated reference section explains all the key Thai ingredients, together with useful step-by-step information on how to prepare and cook them. It includes advice on using special equipment, from firepots to cleavers. It includes easy to use chapters that cover every occasion for serving Thai food: including appetizers, soups, salads, poultry, vegetables and fish dishes, as well as desserts. It includes 180 fabulous recipes, from classic Thai Fish Cakes and Red Chicken Curry to Scented Fish Salad, and Duck and Sesame Stir-Fry. This is an essential guide for all lovers of Thai food, suitable for cooks of any level of experience and expertise. Thai cuisine is one of the most popular ways of eating. This fabulous book has 180 wonderful, fragrant recipes to try out. It includes fascinating information about the history and traditions of this rich culture. There is a fully illustrated guide to Thai ingredients, with preparation and cooking techniques to ensure you have all the basics. The recipe collection brings together classic and modern dishes such as Green Curry Puffs and Salmon Marinated with Thai Spices, and for dessert dishes such as Mangoes with Sweet Sticky Rice, and Coconut and Lemon Grass Ice Cream. This is a book to be treasured by all lovers of aromatic and flavourful food.

Food For Thought: Fish And Feather

RRP $29.99

Simon Courtauld's beautifully written musings from "The Spectator" extolling the virtues of fish, poultry and feathered game are gathered into one elegant volume.

In Food for Thought Fish and Feather: A Culinary Tour of Britain's Seas and Skies, the author navigates sea and sky to provide illuminating culinary insights into seasonal produce; from pigeon to perch to grunting gurnards he enlightens us on which corners of the world, and their markets, you'll find the best-valued and best-flavoured morsels, and how to cook and eat them in style.

Discover some outstanding recipes and their origins such as 'Txangurro' - a crab dish from the Basque country, 'Bestilla' - Moroccan pigeon pie, Octopus boiled in metal drums in Galicia, northern Spain, not to mention Haddock 'Monte Carlos' - said to have been invented for those tired and jaded after gambling in the casinos. You will also find out how to tell a carpet-shell clam from a smooth venus (and how to make them jump onto the sand when you catch them), why a monkfish's tail is so highly prized by Venetians and when and where to look forward to the annual crayfish run.

Food for Thought Fish and Feather: A Culinary Tour of Britain's Seas and Skies highlights which beasts are under-appreciated (whiting, spider crab), over-priced (monkfish) and over-fished (cod). Balancing flavour and taste, health and ethics with equal panache, it is clear that foodies everywhere can learn a great deal from Simon Courtauld's hardworking taste buds and reap some tasty rewards.

Antioxidants In Muscle Foods

RRP $561.99

A complete guide to the use of dietary antioxidants in muscle food products Advances in food and animal science have given rise to a variety of nutritional strategies for improving the quality of muscle food products, from livestock to fish. Antioxidants in Muscle Foods describes a new methodology in this emerging field, which involves the use of dietary antioxidants to improve meat quality while avoiding exogenous food additives or packaging procedures. Through expert contributions by leading scientists from around the globe, this important book answers questions about the science and technology, benefits, and concerns associated with antioxidant supplementation in muscle foods. Photographs, illustrations, charts, and tables accompany in-depth discussions on:<br> * Oxidative processes in muscle foods<br> * Dietary strategies for improving the oxidative stability of muscle foods<br> * The beneficial impact of vitamin E supplementation on meat quality<br> * Economic and safety implications of nutritionally modified meat<br> * Food industry applications involving meat, poultry, and seafood<br> * Animal nutrition and muscle biochemistry<br> * New areas where nutritional strategies can improve meat quality

Seahorses And Starfish

RRP $15.95

Presents animal-related compound words to beginning readers, including high-impact photos, close photo-to-text match, a picture glossary, and a comprehension question. F&P Text Level Gradient: Level C.

Winning The Food Fight

RRP $33.95

How one small community started the fight against unhealthy eating, and how you can do it. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver took his popular show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution to Huntington, West Virginia, after media reports pinpointed that community as the unhealthiest city in America.

Winning The Food Fight tells the amazing story of a city's turnaround. But it's much more than that. This inspiring book invites you to turn your life around, too. Inside you'll find everything you need to start a mental, physical, and spiritual fight to overcome poor eating habits and obesity - and win!!

About the Author

Steve Willis is the lead pastor at the First Baptist Church of Kenova, West Virginia and the Marshall Community Fellowship on the campus of Marshall University. He is most well-known nationally for his efforts to curb childhood obesity and his role on ABC's Emmy-Award winning ''Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.''


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